Tuesday, October 7, 2008


we didn't start on oct 1st!
we start in november,so until then i am going to be mainly doing fuck all...
all the the songs are written,we are ready to go!
see ya next year!


IThinkISawTheSkyTonight said...

Arghh awesome!!
Cannot wait now
Enjoy yourself this month :)

oldenuff2burmum said...

Good for you!!!!,enjoy every second with your family,ive a feelin the next year is gonna be a bit manic!!!!
Love to you and yours
x x x x

Carmen said...

yay! can hardly wait!

enjoy your time with your family!


shuanghong said...


can't wait!

ruya said...

Can't wait!!!!!It must be a great album!!

rory said...

can't wait for the new album, i bet it's gonna totally rock as usual!

JM said...

Tut tut what more lies on the internet?! No wayyyy haha, but I knew this little factoid already mi luv


FUNK said...

Yay can't wait!

Miss V. said...

yay! glad to hear there's been progress :) take care!

lots of love,

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

hey! nice to hear from you, glad your putting your feet up for a wee while before the hard work gets started :D
enjoy while you can lolz :D


Dougie said...

Little bit of down time in the valleys never did anybody any harm! Good to hear from you.