Sunday, July 6, 2008


i know its old news but nobody is more bummed than i am that the ian watkins i know and love isnt the ian watkins that is going to appear on 'desperation on ice.....ICE!" or whatever the fuck its called.booooo!i spat out my pipe when i first read that lil nugget.i was on the bat phone to HQ to please tell me it was true!but alas,my dreams were quashed.....
it would have been high-fucking-larious........he's got the moves fo' sho!
just think of the panto oppurtunities he could have had!
its probably the welsh dude from steps,bless him.......ah well,if he cant do it we could get the dude from the ordinary boys to do it,im sure he would.....what happened bro?first album was fucking killer!

celebrity.... man,its a shit business.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

cool beans

where do i begin?
download was fucking redonkulous,i almost got my ass burn burned(ouch) by pyros a few times but if im gonna be a stuntman when i grows up thems the breaks.
cool beans.

call me crazy but i still prefer the small club shows tho,not just because people are kind enough to buy me jager red bull bombs before i go onstage,but it does help and is of course appreciated!!!
thanks yous..
its been a crazy couple of months,we have all been working our asses off on the album,continually writing and demoing and driving our selves crazy batshit in the process.....i have dipped my toes into the world of producing again,i recorded an album for up and coming welsh band(nepotism anyone?)attack attack in just over 2 weeks with lil mikey lewis and BFF justin hopfer on mixing and co poroducing duities.justin is the shit.
......welsh bands in LA is always good times for shennanigans,needless to say there was too much booze drunk and nudity,alas no arrests.check attack blogs for cock aksh...unless they ar escared of their size.
also been producin some other bands that im sure you are gonna hear about soon,fucking sweet times.
not a lot else has been happening,my daughter is now 20 months old and already giving me lip,a ferndale girl through and through!she is beyond beautiful and i sure am a lucky chappy.
been listening to the new autolux on repeat along with new no age and the new weezer song is a return to form that i never saw coming,good work crazy rivers bastard.
like everyone else i have been watching iron man and the hulk and any other geek bait i can get my pies on,i go to a press screening to the dark knight this week so naa naa naa,its pays to suck dick.