Tuesday, January 27, 2009


don't believe everything you read........

just a quick one to say thanks for sticking with us thru these crazy times(yes i am fully aware the record is taking fucking ages to come out!) but we are on the case and working our arses off....
its sounding amazing....but i would say that.
we are 75% done and racing (not rushing) to get this finished as soon as we can.
sorry there havent been more video blogs but everytime we get one done we are told we cant use it cos myspace wont tolerate foul language...welsh we are! theres fuck all going on anyway......watch any other bands boring studio blog and you can be pretty sure we are doing the same thing.....we would just be looking waaaay better doing it.
the usual playing guitar,tuning guitar,playing a little bit,tuning it some more....wow,just imagine if you had video footage of that.....you would be stoked!
anyways i gotta go and tune a guitar!