Thursday, September 11, 2008

"hey stu! whats going on!?"

not a whole lot,broski!

i cant believe i have been home almost 3 weeks...jebus!

the liberation transmission tour is over and im both stoked and gutted....
we have played some of the most memorable shows of our career in the last 2 years since the record came out,it has been a total fucking howdy doody..
the arena shows were awesome,download was amazing,the warm up shows are always amazing,V fest was amazing,AMAZING!we totally missed lee on the 2nd show of V but he had some family worries, but everything turned out ok and thats the main thing.

its weird doing shows without someone,like missing an arm or something....luckily it was mikes birthday that day so birthday boy got all the guitar love!
riffmeister plus!

playing japan is always awesome,got to watch prodigy and they were top class,i was a wee bit drunk so i got my freaky deaky on,it was fucking stellar!
jamie knows all the moves man!

got to hang in japan with KIGH who are fun dudes and always stylin'....met up with the beat union who wanted a bit of mischeif and got to laugh at the dudes from trivium,who take things waaay too seriously,bless on more broken down buses than is funny,took more flights than supes, and then in paris i got to see rage against the machine.which was nice!

i wont list all the bands we have hung with and friends i have made over the last couple of years but its been good fucking times,lemme tell you.


so right now we are currently waiting to go into the studio,we are aiming to start oct1 st and bash out the songs quick stylee,we would have started the day we finished touring but studios and producers have these bizzare things called schedules.....
what the fuck is that!?
all the songs are written,we are gonna spend a week fine tuning and then we are gonna bash it out,we want to get this record out as quick as humanly possible while keeping the glorious standard that which we are known for!!(insert insult here)
its gonna be amazing,ian has some awesome shit on this record,you guys are gonna be super double stoked.... the rest of us will be backing him up like motherfuckers!
tally ho

....thats all the info we gots right now!

we already recorded a bunch of stuff with funky john feldmann last year but felt we maybe rushed into the studio too quick.(it was about 10 months after lib tran came out)
right now who knows which songs will make the record?......well actually,the BEST fucking songs will make the record!


since i got home i have been building a small bedrrom studio(small) in my house,
(my daughter stole my studio room,how selfish!!!haha)
me and my buddy justin have been mixing an EP that mike, ian and myself produced for our good friends "the new 1920".
its fucking storming even if i do say so myself!it was recorded in a garage in the quickest possible time to keep it full of flavour.the guys did a blinding job.
we are mastering monday so it should be on the interlog the next fucking day!

$$$SHAMELESS PROMOTION$$$.......(but fuck it,its for our fellow welshmen,we gots to stick together!)
here goes...

check for new tunes coming soon...just get on there and show em the love,tell em i sent you!
like i said awesome guys,awesome tunes....awesome!

just mixed a b side for attack attack which may or may not be on their new single,
good news is their single is free so go to to check shit out.
album is out soon!
im told you can get a free single download from
share the wealth...

also go check out our buddies FFAFs new shit,romesh their producer(who is turning into wales premier studio wizard!), sent me some new songs and obviously its fucking pretty rad shit!
i dont need to post links for this do i?you guys already got em im sure!
......pretty gutted gareth left FFAF,it was always good times seeing him at festivals and watching him rock out,but i know he is onto new things,so i wish him the best.

im spent.......

im going to disneyland with cada!