Thursday, December 11, 2008


so today is my first day off in over a pretty fucking beat.
its been an awesome start to the record,drum tracks and lee's guitars are done.we start bass tomorrow.
we are kind of doing things backwards so lee can go home and be dad,(we usually do bass and mikes guitars first)but so far everything is sounding amazing,lee did a great job and would have got it all done in record time if the fucking guitars stayed in tune.....
anyways, im afraid there isnt any crazy news to report,we are just chipping away everyday,heads down and keeping our eyes on the prize.

i would like to say goodbye to ilan......i watched new regime at spaceland last night and it was pretty awesome,the kid sickens me.... he can play everything better than i could if i practiced 23 hours a day for 10 years...its beyond!
he recorded the drum tracks for all 15 songs in 2 days..the kid's a machine and im gonna miss the little fucker.
its pretty crazy that he is joining one of my fav bands,i was obsessed with the NIN during the 90s,i can only wish him well and hope he is good for getting me some plus 1's at their shows!
im gonna go chill up a bit.
just letting you guys know whats going on...