Monday, May 28, 2007


so what i wanna say is this............
hometown shows kick ass,old friends kick more ass,european festivals and free drink tokens kick total ass,beer kicks my sorry ass,kicking ass KICKS ASS.
just got to my hotel room after 5 nights of mayhem and no sleep,nap time now........
see ya in 40


mega-lolz said...

lol i saw the full ponty on bbc wales seeing as i couldnt go...:'( you guys rock!!! i saw you all in wembley (best day of my life) and stu i must say i love your jeans with the chain, and ur hair was awsome, that kicks ASS! XD do you know if there is a full ponty next year?? i WILL go :D

petitfleur said...

So would it be fair to say you thought The Full Ponty totally kicked ass?? yes?? i agree with you all the way! You guys were amazing, as always. Cant wait to see you live again and for the new album.


framboisine said...

yep, true the lostprophets kicked ass...but only them because i'm sorry to say that the other bands sucked. thanks for the great show you all put up on saturday. BTW, can anyone tell me from which 80's song the lyrics "" come from????

superTWIGG said...

stu dude YOU KICK ASS =D

littlelili said...

hey saw u at Ponty you guys were awesome cnt wait to see you in leeds and cant wait for the new album !!!!!! BTW is Lee ok noticed he got stopped by a police woman, tbh she could of just asked for his autograph neway love you guys, no chance of getting bkstage at Leeds ?

Emelie said...

You guys did kick ass at the Full Ponty, I got there from Sweden, gosh you guys are awesome! You're an amazing bass-player too ;)

frankie :) said...

i saw full ponty on channel 972 too :) it sure looked like it kicked ass ahah

petitfleur said...

Very important question: How good looking is Stuart Richardson in glasses??

answer: VERY!!


M@ch1ko said...

Cyfarchion, Stu! Sut mae?
I really wanted to go and see The Full Ponty in this year... If I lived in U.K I could be there. Japan is so far away from U.K.
You guys shoud kick ass at Summer Sonic festival in Aug!
Dymuniadau gorau.
M from Japan

Lore said...

Hi Stu!!! how are u!! you rock!!! I love you, i hope someday can travel to london to see you in concert!!!!! i love your music, thank u for all guys i love you!!!!


Alex said...

was a tiny bit good wannit? x

lullaby said...

full ponty was fucking amazing,u boys,,,,kicked ass
was well nice meeting u all and if any one ever calls u twats,then i'll hit em with a shoe lol
Lee is a proper sweety!

Tom Greenwood said...

drink tokens sound great

Georgie said...

Hey Stu

I saw you guys at the Full Ponty this year =]!!

Travelled up from Reading to see ya! You guys did indeed kick ass!!! Loved every minute of it! And then watching back on BBC Wales, brought back fond memories!! ^___^

I've got tickets to see u in Glasgow nxt month! Another long mission, but well worth it haah!

Then of course, Reading Fest in August!! wooo! GET. IN!!

Cya nxt month!! ;-)

Georgie x =]

Roxy said...

Haha, i was at the Full Ponty. Me and my mates were the ones at the front in front of you with the Welsh flag by the way and i just wanna say you guys were amazing. It's great to see you back in Wales, especially in Ponty. Thanks. xxxx

gaelicsockpoet said...

You kick ass! For sure! You never kicked my ass but you could' ass wanted a kicking...I tried to kick it myself but my shoes wouldn't reach....Come to NZ and kick it.... Maybe in a loafer.....

Suze =] said...

Lostprophets kick ass!
I tell you what...Full Ponty? One of the best...if not the best gig/festival i have been too!
I came over from brum to see you guys play and i dont regret one penny spent to get me there!
Full of some of the best bands i know - The Blackout, Kids In Glass Houses, The Guns and Paramore for example! and Headlined by the best band i have ever known!
I almost felt welsh for the day! though the part where i was on tv...i was struggling to work out Happy Birthday in welsh when we were singing it to Mikes mom! Ha!
Anyway this comment is long enough! Just, thanks for everything! and look forward to this new album and the tour!!
Stu - you Legend! [= xox

risa-lisa said...

i went to your live in japan on 29th july. yea, fuji rock festival. it was sooooo exiciting!!

!!i love you and your bass!! thanks a lot.

+++Lisa+++ 18

Lps_Jess said...

haha! how many more times can u say Kick Ass is one paragraph... hmm few more times i think XD
glad ur having a great time!

WTFuck said...

Full ponty was A-W-S-O-M-E(I saw it on .. eeee Youtube-FUCK ...I couldn't go beacuse... I'm from Poland and it was just impossible. WE WANT YOU .. here in this country! C'mon and bring with you some nice piece of music.

C U ... someday xx Wtf ;]

nicoleriot said...

:) xxx uok x

-*-lenny-lenny-*- said...

HI Stu !

In the Czech republic we all wait to you... very very very we all choose ,as to you are arrive in prague ...please :-*

with thanks Lena ** :-*

Sany said...

I'm recovered from a terrible sunburn and just want tell you, you were awesome at Rock im Park!
I know you were pretty busy but I hope you were able to enjoy the german festivals.